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Pictures of Maui Photo Tours: SURFING

Photos of Surfing at JawsPictures of Maui Photo Tour: Jaws

JAWS is Extreme Surfing at its best! Also called tow-in surfing, we have pictures of surfers being towed into position to catch giant waves 40-70 feet high! Whenever giant waves break at Jaws (also called Peahi by the Polynesians) TV, film crews, helicopters and photographers jockey for position in the air and on the nearby cliffs to get the best photos of surfers at Jaws, hoping their pictures will sell to surfing magazines, TV Networks and Movie Companies.


Photos of Maui Big SurfPictures of Maui Photo Tour: Big Surf

It’s all about the surf, so here’s a bunch of photos of Maui surf, shot all over the Island. We took pictures of surf at Hookipa, Keanae, Jaws - everywhere big waves were breaking.


Photos of Maui WindsurfingPictures of Maui Photo Tour: WINDSURFING

MAUI has some of the best windsurfing in the world. Browse our pictures of windsurfing at places like Hookipa, Jaws, and Specklesville. We have photos of windsurfers catching air in heavy surf, pictures of windsurfers doing tricks you won’t believe!

Photos of Kitesurfing on MauiPictures of Maui Photo Tour: Kitesurfing

KITESURFING (also called Kiteboarding) is a mix of parasailing and windsurfing... We’ve taken pictures of kitesurfing at Kite Beach, Kanaha, Hookipa... When these guys grab air, they are often airborn for 6 seconds or so - and one kiter flew for  22 seconds!

Photos of Maui surfingPictures of Maui Photo Tour: Surfing

SURFING was invented by the early hawaiians, who surfed at Waikiki on huge, heavy boards. Even today’s longboards are lightweight by comparison. These pictures were all shot at legendary Hookipa Beach Park. Our photos of surfers capture the Art of Surfing.